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2.17 Shroud of Darkness

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Ezra and Kanan, after facing off with the Inquisitors again, decide it is not safe for them to be around the Rebels while they are being targeted by the Empire, and decide to get advice from Ahsoka. On her advice, the three set out for the Jedi Temple on Lothal, where each have a separate vision; Ezra, of Master Yoda, Kanan, of the Temple Guard who is testing him, and Ahsoka, of Anakin/Vader. As the Inquisitors track the group to the temple and force their way inside, Ezra is told by Yoda to "seek out Malachor", Kanan is warned by the Guard, who reveals himself as the former Grand Inquisitor, to beware Ezra's temptation of the Dark Side, and Ahsoka faces her guilt over not being present during the fall of the Jedi. The three escape as the shades of the Temple Guards hold off the Inquisitors. Vader and the Empire's forces arrive at the Temple, as Ahsoka informs Ezra that Malachor is not a person to seek out, but a place.