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cap-that.com opened July 2007 as a home to screencaps for both banshee & artphilia. As both of us had a large number of screencaps on our separate archives, we decided to join forces to make a single home for them all.


Q: Will you cap XYZ? Or do you take requests?
A: No, we don't take requests. This website is a labour of love, and screencaps are taken only when we have time.

Q: Can I download ZIP files of your images?
A: We have removed ZIP files temporarily to help keep costs down. However, these these are being uploaded on an as-requested basis via an ad-supported service. THIS APPLIES TO 1080P/BluRay SCREENCAPS ONLY. These may be reinstated to a non-ad supported service (i.e., MediaFire as previously used) should we secure enough donations for the site.

Q: Where can I download 2160p ZIP files?
A: Recurring supporters at Buy Me A Coffee can access ZIP files of our 2160p Movies and TV series for $5 a month.

However, all images are available via the Galleries - you are only paying for the convenience of having the files in a ZIP :)

Unfortunately, Buy Me A Coffee have suspended our account. At this time we are not offering 2160p ZIP files.

Q: How do you make/take these screencaps?
A: Mostly via auto-capping features built in to VideoLAN, MPV or Free Video to JPG Converter.

Other tools we use: Bulk Rename Utility, RIOT (Radical Image Optimisation Tool), Easy Thumbnails, CyberDuck.

Q: Why aren't you capping more shows that are currently airing??
A: There are a lot of screencap sites and galleries out there at the moment that update their websites ASAP with images from these sorts of new shows. That's not our goal - not only are we focused on quality (and waiting for the BluRays or other high quality copies to become available), but we're also proud lovers of TV shows and movies of yesteryear. A couple of years ago, screencaps for TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, Dawson's Creek & Farscape were abundant.. but once the TV series finished, most of the websites simply disappeared. We mourned the loss of these resources, and set about fixing the problem the only way we could: by making the screencaps ourselves.

Q: What script do you use to show your screencaps?
A: A custom script that started off from Captivate. We've found that it suits our tastes a lot better than the more sluggish and non-mobile-friendly gallery scripts like Coppermine.


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