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cap-that.com opened July 2007 as a home to screencaps for both banshee & artphilia. As both of us had a large number of screencaps on our separate archives, we decided to join forces to make a single home for them all.

cap-that.com can be viewed by nearly all browsers, but works best with a resolution of 1280x1024 and above. If you are having any difficulties viewing this website, please contact us and describe the problem - we will do our best to ensure that it is corrected.

Mission Statement

There's nothing sadder than seeing websites disappear due to neglect, lack of time, or lack of money.
It's also very hard these days to find websites or screencaps devoted to older television shows like Babylon 5, Lexx or Earth 2. They aren't new shows, so not many tech-savvy youths would have heard of them, let alone watched them. But these are the foundations of modern science fiction television, and as such should never be forgotten.
Basically, we aim to provide screencaps to televisions and movies that we've loved for years. We won't update with the latest episodes of modern TV series, because there are plenty of sites doing just that. But when the dust settles and those websites disappear - taking their resources with them - we'll be here as a sturdy, reliable source for high-quality images.

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