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2.07 Blood Sisters

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Sabine is sent by Hera to acquire an unknown information courier. She goes with Ezra and Chopper and they find that the courier is a clunky droid. They then encounter Ketsu Onyo, an old "friend" of Sabine's who works as a bounty hunter and is now after the droid. When some Storm Troopers begin to fire at them, Sabine and Chopper steal a ship and go off planet with the droid, unfortunately with Ezra left behind. Ketsu also escapes and after a confrontation with Sabine with her personal ship, captures Chopper and the two meet up to trade the droids. Their activity draws the attention of an Empire ship and the two team up to escape by setting charges on the stolen ship. Sabine is knocked out and almost left to go with the ship, but Ketsu saves her and the explosion allows them to fly the droid to a rebel location and then meet back up with Ezra and Hera before Ketsu leaves on better terms with Sabine.