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1.14 The War Without, the War Within

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The Discovery is boarded by Cornwell and Sarek, who explain that the Klingon houses remain divided, and fight between themselves to see which can destroy more Federation assets. The only safe refuge for Starfleet beyond Earth is now Starbase 1, and they warp there with Cornwell assuming command. After emergency surgery performed by L'Rell, Tyler now has his personality back, but can still access Voq's memories; Burnham is unable to forgive his actions as Voq. The crew finds Starbase 1 conquered by the Klingons, and the remainder of Starfleet's command withdraws to protect Earth. Mirror Georgiou tells Burnham that she defeated the Klingons in the Mirror Universe with a surprise attack on their homeworld of Qo'noS, and Cornwell agrees to replicate that now. To jump into Klingon territory, Stamets terraforms a desolate moon to grow a new crop of spores that they can harness for the spore drive. Mirror Georgiou tells Sarek and Cornwell of other essential information she has, and they have her pose as Captain Georgiou to lead the mission.