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Q: How do you make/take these screencaps?
A: There's two methods. The first is to capture the images as we go through the movie, frame-by-frame. This ensures that all of the images in the archive are good quality. To do this, we would use a video viewing program such as PowerDVD or VideoLAN.
The second method is the most popular method amongst screencappers, and that is to use an automated program to take a certain number of caps per episode. Programs such as VideoLAN have this automated feature. Once this is done, we like to weed our bad caps (blank image, DERP face, fuzzy action pictures, that sort of thing). Potentially, about 50 - 500 images are weeded out this way, per episode.

Q: Why aren't you capping more shows that are currently airing??
A: There are a lot of screencap sites and galleries out there at the moment that update their websites ASAP with images from these sorts of new shows. That's not our goal - not only are we focused on quality (and waiting for the BluRays to become available), but we're also proud lovers of TV shows and movies of yesteryear. A couple of years ago, screencaps for TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, Dawson's Creek & Farscape were abundant.. but once the TV series finished, most of the websites simply disappeared. We mourned the loss of these resources, and set about fixing the problem the only way we could: by making the screencaps ourselves.

Yes, we plan on making screencaps for these new shows - one day, when the hype has died down and we've finished whatever old-school tv series we're currently capping.

Q: What script do you use to show your screencaps?
A: We use a great script written by the lovely Julie called Captivate. It's been updated and personalised, but we've found that it suits our tastes a lot better than the more overused, sluggish and automated gallery scripts like Coppermine

Q: Why are your 4K/Ultra/2160p screencaps greyed or washed out?
A: Windows screencapping programs haven't yet caught up with the change in technology. While we're able to view the files just fine, any attempt at taking screenshots through multiple programs results in washed-out versions of the images.
We debated simply not including these version until the technology was available, but the demand from our visitors has been high despite the issue. We may opt to re-screencap these movies and episodes when the situation changes.

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