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5.03 May 1924

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Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham come to the end of their time in Liverpool but are seen by the Dowager Countess' butler, Spratt, leaving the hotel together. He reports it to his mistress who assures him all is proper but she has a few harsh words for Mary. Rose continues her work with the Russian émigrés and arranges for a group to come to Downton to see artifacts from Violet's visit to the Russian court 60 years ago. To Violet's great surprise Prince Kuragin, someone who obviously took a great interest in her during that long-ago visit, is among the guests. Mary, at least, is happy to hear that her grandmother has a past. Below stairs Thomas is acting strangely and soon sets off, purportedly to visit his dying father. Anna is disturbed by the ongoing investigation into Mr. Green's death and Sgt. Willis' frequent visits. Mrs. Drewe meanwhile grows increasingly exasperated with Lady Edith's frequent visits to Marigold.