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2.11 Getting Closer

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The primary wedge containing Caroline's mind is found to be missing. Adelle has Bennett Halverson kidnapped to aid Topher in repairing Caroline's backup wedge, which Alpha damaged in "Briar Rose". November, who was placed in the D.C. Dollhouse, is brought back with Bennett. A series of flashbacks reveal that Caroline became a terrorist and a freedom fighter working against Rossum for two years, and that Bennett voluntarily joined her; Bennett's maiming was an accident, and Caroline abandoned her to draw off Rossum pursuit and allow Bennett to portray herself as an innocent victim. It is revealed that Boyd now has a romantic relationship with Dr. Claire Saunders, who returns to the Dollhouse at his request. While all the LA Dolls are restored to their original personalities and sent home, and Priya and Anthony flee (with Echo's blessing) for one last night together, Topher and Bennett repair the Caroline wedge and share a first kiss... followed by Dr. Saunders proving that she is a sleeper Active by shooting Bennett through the head. As Rossum strike teams breach the Dollhouse, Topher finishes the repairs on Caroline's wedge and Echo downloads its contents, which reveal the identities of Rossum's leaders: the current incarnation of Clyde, the so-called "Clive 2.0," and the co-founder of the Rossum Corporation... Boyd Langton.