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2.10 The Attic

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Echo, Priya and Anthony are placed in The Attic, suspended in a permanent dream-state where they must continuously relive their worst nightmares. Echo overcomes hers – an inability to save those she loves – but is promptly attacked by a shadow-killer named Arcane, and then saved by Laurence Dominic, who has also gained control of himself within the Attic. Arcane is killing off Attic residents, and they jump into different minds to stop him: Anthony is back in the War in Afghanistan fighting himself in insurgent guise, while Priya trysts with an Anthony who transforms into an undead Nolan Kinnard. Together, they trap Arcane, revealing his true identity: Clyde Randolph, co-founder of Rossum, whose partner turned on him and placed him in the Attic in 1993. He explains that the Attic networks its victims' brains into a super-computer, each kept in a perpetually adrenaline-drenched state for peak efficiency; Arcane's killing spree has served the dual purpose of sparing Attic prisoners and reducing Rossum's processing power. Clyde has also been able to conquer his worst fear — the desolate, blasted future of "Epitaph One" — but has realized that, if Rossum continues on its present course, there is a 97% chance that it will become reality. Echo, Priya and Anthony escape the Attic, while Dominic and Clyde voluntarily remain behind. Meanwhile, Topher, Boyd and Ivy, working against DeWitt's seemingly tyrannical reign, embark on a radical plan to save Paul Ballard. It is then revealed that DeWitt sent Echo to the Attic in order to retrieve information on how to stop Rossum, and that Caroline Farrell knows who Clyde's partner, the only remaining founder of Rossum, is. DeWitt, Ballard, Echo, Priya, Boyd, Topher, Ivy and Anthony join forces to defeat Rossum, but Echo declares that they need one last person on their team: Caroline.