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2.09 Stop-Loss

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Victor's contract with the Dollhouse expires, and he is returned to his true personality: Anthony Ceccoli, a former Army Ranger who signed a contract with the Dollhouse to cure him of a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Echo confronts Sierra with the knowledge that Victor will not be coming home, which causes Sierra considerable distress as she declares that Victor "isn't ready to be alone yet." Anthony is captured by a group of military personnel. When DeWitt passes out drunk at her desk, Boyd engages Echo's help to track down Anthony, only to discover a new arm in the Rossum conspiracy: they have engaged Anthony as one of many ex-Actives (including some of Anthony's ex-Army teammates) in a plot to create the perfect team of super-soldiers, who use "neural radio" to think the same thoughts and share each other's minds. Echo imprints Sierra with her original personality, Priya, and together they free Anthony, whose love for Priya/Sierra overrides the "group think" of Rossum's army; Echo then gives herself the same implant as the super-soldiers and overwhelms the unit with her over-50-minds-in-one. But DeWitt captures her rogue Actives after their escape, and consigns all three of them to the Attic.