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2.08 A Love Supreme

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Echo's previous romantic engagements begin to surface as murder victims one by one. Alpha has returned with his murderous obsession with Echo to seek his revenge. DeWitt begins to grow increasingly suspicious of Ballard. Echo, Ballard and Langton recruit Topher into their conspiracy to take down the Dollhouse. Alpha shows up in Adelle's office and reveals that Ballard and Echo were together through those three missing months. Alpha uses an upgraded piece of technology from "Gray Hour" to make the dolls turn on the Dollhouse staff and captures Ballard, who he feels is the only real competition he has for Echo's affections. Topher and Langton manage to restore order with Topher's new remote wipe technology but not before Alpha imprints himself with Ballard and tortures Ballard to the point of causing permanent brain damage, leaving Paul in a vegetative state. Echo fights Alpha and Ballard's mind takes over for a moment, begging her to kill him. She is unable to kill Paul, however, and Alpha, shaken, regains control and runs from the Dollhouse. Echo is seen with Ballard, who is on life support machines.