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2.07 Meet Jane Doe

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After escaping into the world at large, over the course of three months Echo has finished evolving into a full personality, able to access any of her nearly forty imprints at will. She and Paul Ballard train together to take down Rossum, running a "practice test" by breaking into a prison and freeing a woman whom Echo accidentally got imprisoned earlier in her adventures. Echo reveals that she has fallen in love with Paul, who returns her feelings but out of a sense of honor won't allow himself to act on them. Back at the Dollhouse, meanwhile, DeWitt has been demoted and Harding has taken over. Topher unveils remote wipe tech he had been designing for Rossum. Topher later reveals to Adelle in confidence that he discovered Rossum's intent to create a machine to imprint anyone, anywhere, and that he figured out how to build it. Adelle betrays Topher's trust and gives the technology to Rossum to regain control of the Dollhouse. Echo and Ballard return to the Dollhouse as the next step in their plan to bring it down.