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2.06 The Left Hand

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Bennett reveals that she and Caroline were once friends, and uploads a memory of Caroline's betrayal, in which she left Bennett trapped under debris after an explosion. Meanwhile, Adelle and Topher travel to the D.C. Dollhouse, where Adelle matches wits with its head of household, Stewart Lipman, and Topher tries to gain access to Perrin's brain scans and unravel the plot. To aid in this, Topher has imprinted Victor with Topher's own personality. Perrin escapes with Echo into the real world, determined to bring down Rossum and expose everything, with Cindy in hot pursuit. Adelle meets with Lipman, who reveals Perrin will have Rossum vindicated at the Senate hearings and attack their competitors so that Rossum will be unopposed and given free political rein. Bennett and Topher, though distracted by a mutual (if extremely awkward) infatuation with each other, adapt Topher's incapacitating device to remotely knock out Dolls based on their unique brain scans, and Bennett surreptitiously programs Perrin to kill Echo. Topher knocks Bennett out and overrides the programming with help from Victor/Topher, but not until after Perrin kills Cindy. Perrin then shows up at the hearing late and reveals his wife is dead; he pronounces Rossum a good corporation who has been set up by their immoral competitors, that there is no Dollhouse, and that Madeline Costley is a disturbed woman who was in a mental institution in Canada. Madeline is forced back into service against her will at the D.C. Dollhouse. Back in LA, Topher reveals that Perrin could never turn against Rossum, and DeWitt speculates that Rossum is likely grooming him to be the next President of the United States. Echo is loose in the world at large, Ballard has not checked in recently, and Rossum appears ascendant...