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2.04 Belonging

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Flashbacks show Sierra's original identity as Priya Tsetsang, a gifted artist who is being pressured romantically by a man named Nolan; her admission into the Dollhouse was predicated on Topher developing a cure for her persistent and overwhelming schizophrenia. In the present day, Dr. Nolan Kinnard, Rossum Corporation's premier neuroleptics specialist, demands Sierra be imprinted with a love-slave personality and loaned to him permanently, while Topher realizes that Priya never had schizophrenia but was instead medicated into that state by Kinnard. Adelle, though torn at the thought of sending Priya to "a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer", finally decides to comply with the order. Topher finds a solution by sending Kinnard Priya – undrugged, non-schizophrenic, and furious. Kinnard attacks her and is slain; Boyd and Topher help dispose of the body and manufacture evidence that Kinnard has fled the country. Priya, though scarred by the day's events, agrees to resume her contract with the Dollhouse after seeing Victor and realizing that their love for each other transcends even wiping; the episode's final shot depicts them asleep in the same pod, arm-in-arm. Echo displays the ability to read, which Boyd warns her to hide; she warns Langton of a coming storm that could wipe them all out, stating her intention to help everyone survive, and when Boyd returns her book she discovers an all-access keycard hidden inside, "for the storm."