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2.03 Belle Chose

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While Echo is engaged by a college professor as nubile student Kiki, Terry Karrens, nephew of Rossum Corporation benefactor Bradley Karrens, is struck by a car near Beverly Hills and left comatose. While mapping his brain in an attempt to figure out if he'll recover, Topher discovers signs that Terry is either a serial killer or about to become one, and Bradley admits that he is trying to revive Terry quickly so that his latest victims can be rescued. Instead, Victor is imprinted with his personality and former FBI Agent Paul Ballard interviews him, but before anyone can get a location from him, Bradley frees him, after which Victor/Terry incapacitates his uncle and resumes the hunt for a new "Aunt Sheila". At Adelle's urging, Topher attempts a remote wipe on Victor, which ends up flipping imprints: while Victor becomes Kiki, showing off "her" dance moves amused bystanders, Echo becomes Terry and returns to "his" hideout. Only Echo's intervention, fighting the Terry imprint, allows Dollhouse teams to save the captured women.