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2.02 Instinct

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Echo is imprinted as Emily Jordan, mother to a newborn baby, Jack, and Topher has outdone himself by imprinting her so deeply that she has even begun to lactate. But Emily is pushing herself hard, and when she finds pictures in her husband Nathan's desk of him with another woman, she begins to suspect him of having an affair. The truth is that the woman, Karen, is Jack's biological mother, who died birthing her, and whom Echo is meant to think she is, and Nate decides to call off the engagement. Unfortunately, Emily interprets the situation as an attempt to kill her... and, even when wiped, Echo remains attached to Jack, giving him up only when Nathan explains the entire situation. Meanwhile, Ballard has to confront his own confused feelings when DeWitt brings Madeline Costley – the former November – back to the Dollhouse for a diagnostic, and Perrin deepens his investigation into the Dollhouse with the help of his wife Cindy.