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1.12 Omega

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Alpha, with Echo's help, kidnaps a girl named Wendy and takes both of them back to his lab; meanwhile, Dr. Saunders tends to Victor, Ballard assists the Dollhouse staff in tracking down Alpha, and a series of flashbacks depict Alpha's time at the Dollhouse, revealing that he has a long-standing crush on Echo and that Dr. Saunders is herself an Active, codenamed Whiskey, who was imprinted with the "Dr. Saunders" personality after Alpha killed the original one during his escape; Saunders becomes aware of this during the episode. Alpha imprints Wendy with Echo's original personality, Caroline Farrell; he then initiates a "composite event" on Echo, uploading multiple imprints into her at once, creating a hybrid consciousness named "Omega" whom he expects to kill Wendy/Caroline as part of her ascension to Übermensch. Instead, Echo turns on Alpha himself. Alpha escapes by killing Wendy and then putting the "wedge" containing Caroline at risk, but DeWitt remains confident that they can catch him—especially with the help of their new security consultant, Paul Ballard. Amongst Ballard's hiring conditions are that November, A.K.A. Madeline Costley, be released from her contract as though she had fulfilled it.