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1.07 Echoes

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A psychotropic drug is accidentally released in a college research lab owned by the Rossum Corporation, causing the afflicted to behave drunkenly and in one case, suicidally. Rossum, which owns the Dollhouse, mobilizes all of DeWitt's Actives, who should be immune to the drug because they have no inhibitions. Unfortunately, the drug devolves into a form that makes people relive past traumas: Sierra relives her rape experiences, Victor recalls his life as a member of the United States Army, and November weeps about Ballard's obsession with Caroline. Echo, on an unrelated assignment, sees news of the outbreak on TV and goes off-mission to "help him", despite having no idea who "he" is (or indeed who she is). She falls in with Sam Jennings, a student who wants to sneak into the lab and discover evidence of Rossum's foul play, while flashing back to her own past as Caroline Farrell, in which, with her boyfriend Leo, she attempted the exact same thing. These events led directly to Leo's death and DeWitt's offer of sanctuary at the Dollhouse. She repeats the offer to Sam, the corporate spy who released the drug, as the episode closes.