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1.06 Man on the Street

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Echo is engaged by Internet billionaire Joel Mynor, who hires her annually on the anniversary of his wife's death: Once he finally made his fortune, he purchased a house and invited Rebecca to the address as a surprise, only to lose her to a traffic accident three blocks away. Mynor's fantasy is disrupted by Agent Ballard, who is shaken at the sight of Caroline. His interrogation of Mynor reveals that Paul is obsessed with her. Paul defies this by beginning a relationship with Mellie, but is further shaken when Echo is sent to assassinate him—only to go catatonic and recite a message from a spy inside the Dollhouse. Meanwhile, Sierra begins to show signs of sexual abuse, and Victor is implicated as her assailant. However, Boyd stages a sting operation and discovers that it is Sierra's handler, Hearn, who has been raping her. DeWitt sends Hearn to kill Mellie, whom Ballard has told everything he knows about the Dollhouse and who needs to be removed. But while Hearn attacks her in Ballard's apartment, DeWitt reveals that Mellie is a "sleeper Active" by engaging her latent combat training, with which she easily disposes of Hearn. Finally, Ballard is relieved of duty for reckless behavior while Echo completes her engagement with Joel, at last allowing him to show his flabbergasted wife their new home.