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3.13 Upon the March We Fittest Die

1,495 images, 1920x1080

Datak manages to save Stahma, Alak and the baby from Kindzi by pinning her to the wall with a metal stake and proceed to escape back to Defiance. Nolan and his crew devise a plan to stop the flow of Omec reinforcements into Defiance. Nolan goes with Doc Yewll, Irisa and Datak to T'evgin's base and commandeer some drop ships to take them up to the Omec mothership. Kindzi makes her way up to the ship to intercept them. A struggle ensues, whereby Nolan manages to kill Kindzi by causing her to fall into the ship's engines causing her to be ripped apart. Nolan manages to get Irisa and Datak to leave, upon realising that he and Doc Yewll have to stay behind and take the ship out of earth's orbit. The citizens of Defiance are later seen rebuilding the Arch and naming it in Nolan's honour for saving them from the Omec threat.