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3.01-302 The World We Seize

2,912 images, 1920x1080

Seven months after the mines collapsed, Defiance is in hard times, with severe power shortages, unemployment, and the stasis net being turned off periodically. Doc Yewll is determined to leave Defiance to find a better life, but Amanda convinces her to stay, for the town. Irisa and Nolan are freed from their pod by two unknown purple-skinned aliens, who arrived in Defiance to mine gulanite. Datak, Stahma and Rafe continued to track Pilar and Rafe's kidnapped daughter and grandchild, when they run into a Votanis Collective group, run by General Rahm Tahk, a vicious leader who plans to head to Defiance and murder every human and burn the town to the ground.