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2.13 I Almost Prayed

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Irisa continues with her plan to destroy the world and everyone tries to find a way to stop her. Nolan finds Cai and explains that they just have to separate the two keys that are inside Irisa, so Irzu will stop controlling her but Mercado decides to follow Doc Yewll's plan and kill Irisa. Nolan manages to escape and gets to Irisa in time before Amanda kills her and with Cai, they manage to stop Irzu and save the planet. Pilar kidnaps Christie and Alak and she runs away with them and Quentin. Datak and Stahma free Rafe from prison to help them find Pilar and the three of them leave town to find her. The episode ends with Amanda and Pottinger getting together while Nolan and Irisa are trapped inside the ship that is collapsing and to save themselves, they get into one of the capsules that keep alive all the people who Irisa "saved" before her attempt to destroy the world.