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2.11 Doll Parts

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Dierdre is murdered and Amanda tries to find who the murderer is. The evidence leads her to arrest Alak, but a Castithan man shows up and turns himself in forcing Amanda to let Alak free. It is revealed later that Christie is the one who killed Dierdre as revenge for Deirdre's attempt to make her abort her fetus by poisoning her, so she can be with Alak. Nolan tries to find Irisa and bring her back home but when he finds her, Irisa does not want to go back with Nolan accusing Alak that he never loved her. Nolan manages with Tommy's help to activate a device that makes all the Votans around them to collapse, including Irisa. Nolan and Tommy take her away, but when Irisa wakes up, she knocks out Nolan, stabs Tommy and leaves. Nolan awakens to find Tommy bleeding and he tries to help him before he dies.