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2.10 Bottom of the World

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Ambassador Tennety arrives to inspect the mines and Pottinger takes her to the mines for a tour along with Amanda, Nolan, Irisa and Berlin. While there, there is an explosion that kills the Ambassador and traps Amanda and Pottinger. Nolan asks Rafe to help him rescue them, something that they do before it is too late. Nolan finds a Votan weapon at the mines and realizes that the explosion was not an accident and asks Rafe if he knows anything about it. It is revealed that behind the explosion was Rafe's son, Quentin, who tells his father that he did it to help his mother. Quentin then claims to E-Rep and Nolan, that Rafe was the one who planned them bomb. Rafe takes the blame to protect his son and gets arrested. Alak ends his relationship with Deirdre and asks for Christie's apology for his behavior at the club. Irisa manages to get the terra sphere she needs with Tommy's help and she proceeds to the ritual for the Arkrise.