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2.08 Slouching Towards Bethlehem

1,344 images, 1920x1080

E-Rep has information about a bomb and an Irathient member of the Votanis Collective, Mahsuvus Gorath, is arrested in hope he will tell them where the bomb is. At the same time, Amanda gets a call from a stranger asking her to help Mahsuvus escape, otherwise her sister will die. She tells Nolan about it and they try to locate where Kenya is held. Amanda, not having a choice, helps Mahsuvus escape but Nolan stops them before they leave town. Stahma asks Datak to kill Mahsuvus because he was working with him and if E-Rep learns about it they will kill them both. Datak takes the opportunity to shoot Mahsuvus when he and Amanda are stopped by Nolan. Nolan pretends to be Mahsuvus during the exchange so they can take Kenya back. Despite their plan does not have the result they wanted and the blackmailers escape, Kenya is left behind and reunites with Amanda. In the meantime, Irisa meets all the other people who were "attacked" and they are now like her and Irzu informs her that it is the time for the "Arkrise" to begin.