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2.07 If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

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Datak has sex with a hand-maiden of the Tarr family; she is found dead, eyes missing, the following day. Datak, afraid he will be blamed, investigates; with Rafe's help, he discovers that Dr. Scheck has been stealing Votan eyes to sell on the black market. Nolan and Irisa investigate the disappearance of Rynn; Scheck has captured her and removed her right eye. Nolan and Irisa rescue Rynn; Scheck wounds Irisa and escapes, but is caught by Datak and Rafe. Datak blinds Scheck in a rage, and Rafe covers for him. Nolan discovers that Irisa's injury is completely healed, forcing Irisa to finally tell all. Alak learns about Christie's visits to the Castithan club; they fight, and Alak ends up at the Need/Want with Deirdre.