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2.06 This Woman's Work

1,442 images, 1920x1080

Nolan, Niles, Churchill and a squad of Earth Republic soldiers investigate an Arkfall, attempting to retrieve the ship's energy source. They discover that the Ark was a Gulanee transport vessel; a surviving Gulanee attacks and kills the soldiers. Nolan and Niles improvise a weapon; sacrificing Churchill as a distraction, they kill the Gulanee. Tommy sees Irisa attack a man; she reveals her secret to him, and he agrees to help her and keep her secret. Berlin is furious at Tommy's decision to stay in Defiance and breaks up with him. Stahma must face a Castithan holy man, Favi Kurr, after infringing on the strict patriarchal rules of Castithan culture by exiling her husband. She tries to convince other Castithan women to stand by her, but fails, and instead poisons them all and frames Favi Kurr.