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2.05 Put the Damage On

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Due to an ego implant device, Amanda, Niles and Doc Yewll are hallucinating. Amanda believes that a man broke into her house and attacked her and at first, since no evidence of the attack were found, Nolan believes that the hallucinations are a result of the adreno Amanda is using. He later finds out about the implant and takes Amanda to Doc Yewll to remove it before it kills Amanda. It is revealed later that Yewll implanted it in Amanda originally on Niles' orders, and did the same to herself and Niles. With the ego, they took Amanda's memories from the last three weeks for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, Datak makes efforts to persuade his family to accept him back, while he is also working with the Votanis Collective to provide him with weapons that will help him take Defiance back from the E-Rep. He asks Rafe's help by promising him that he will get ownership of the mines back when E-Rep leaves town.