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2.04 Beasts of Burden

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While transferring mining equipment to Defiance, Niles and Berlin are attacked by a group of masked raiders, who escape with the supplies and humiliate Niles. Nolan investigates; evidence suggests that Rafe is involved, but Nolan discovers that Josef is the culprit and arrests him. Rafe intercedes, and Nolan releases Josef on the condition that he leave Defiance. Instead, Josef kidnaps Berlin because she saw his face; he is caught and arrested again. Rafe apparently helps him escape, but then kills him. Stahma asks Datak to make her a partner; he refuses, and burns Alak's hand in a record press as punishment for losing control of Stahma and the business. Stahma, furious, has Datak beaten, and throws him out of the business and their house.