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2.01 The Opposite of Hallelujah

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Nine months later, the Earth Republic has taken over Defiance; Niles Pottinger is the new mayor. Datak is in prison, having been found guilty of murdering Colonel Marsh. Alak now runs the family business, but proves weak at running it and Stahma takes over. Rafe McCawley is now working in the gulanite mine, which has been nationalized by the Earth Republic. A mining accident kills a man; his two sons, Josef and Hyatt, vandalize an E-Rep propaganda poster and are arrested. While being transported to prison they are given a staged opportunity to escape, and Hyatt is killed by Hellbugs. Amanda is now managing the Need-Want until Kenya returns, unaware that Stahma murdered Kenya. Nolan searches for Irisa and finds her in the Angel Arc (the ruins of Los Angeles). Irisa returns to Defiance with Nolan, but does not tell him of her visions or actions.