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1815, Brussels on the brink of conflict. Eighteen-year-old Sophia Trenchard secures her humble family invitations to the now legendary Duchess of Richmond's ball, on the eve of The Battle of Waterloo. She hopes for a secret assignation with her forbidden lover, the aristocratic Edmund Bellasis. As war dawns, the young pair are torn apart and Sophia is left to conceal a devastating secret from her family. Twenty six years later in the newly built luxury of London's Belgravia, a chance encounter between the two families reignites a long-buried connection. Sophia's parents, Anne and James Trenchard, find themselves in the social circle of Edmund's mother, Lady Caroline Brockenhurst. Long forgotten history now comes back to haunt the Trenchards. They must reconcile their guilt over secrets they have kept hidden for years, as they are faced with a revelation that may spell ruin for their family name.