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1.08 Gathering Forces

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Learning that Tseebo failed to save his parents from being abducted by the Empire, Ezra lashes out at Tseebo for betraying his parents' trust. Amidst the chase, the Imperials manage to attach a homing beacon on the hull of the Phantom, which Kanan opts to detach in hyperspace with himself and Ezra on board to mislead the Imperials. The two arrive at Fort Anaxes, where Kanan teaches Ezra to forgive Tseebo by admitting his fear of knowing what happened to his parents. The two tame the fyrnocks through the Force and set them against the arriving Imperial forces, but are cornered by the Inquisitor. Overcome with anger, Ezra uses the dark side of the Force to summon a giant fyrnock against the Inquisitor, allowing the two to escape. Afterwards, the Ghost crew take Tseebo to Fulcrum, while Hera offers to relay to Ezra what Tseebo knows of his parents' fate.