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2.13 Law and Order

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The Pearl Bay courthouse is officially closed, leading Laura to plot a move back to the big city, despite the protests of her children and ex-husband, and Bob to make the opening gambit in increasing his political profile. The townspeople begin staging mass acts of civil disobedience, with the tacit assistance of Sergeant Grey, in the hopes of keeping the courthouse open. Events come to a head when Meredith, in a fit of rage, storms into the courthouse carrying a shotgun. Although Max defuses the situation, he quickly realizes that they can make the most of it, and he stages a siege to bring attention to the issue of the courthouse. As the siege goes on, Sergeant Grey realizes the limits of his police acumen, Bob must make a choice between his political corruption and the love of his life, and Laura's family attempt to make amends with one another. Inside the courthouse, meanwhile, the "hostages" one by one begin to re-evaluate their futures as they fake a siege, and keep strait-laced Laura - bunkered down in her office - from realizing the counterfeit nature of the crisis.