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2.12 All Things Must Pass

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Nolan rushes to get Tommy back in Defiance before he dies of his wounds but, Tommy dies before they arrive. Stahma and Datak are kidnapped by Pottinger after he found out that they were the ones who killed Kenya. He takes Amanda to them and tells her what they did, leaving her with his gun to take revenge. Amanda wants to kill Stahma but she stops at the last minute. Doc Ywell realizes what Irisa is trying to do and decides to leave her hiding place and go to Defiance to warn them and help them stop Irisa before she destroys the planet. Pilar visits Rafe in prison just before she reunites with Christie. Nolan finds Cai, the only person who can stop Irisa, while Irisa controls the Arks in the space by using stones and dirt, and she leads them to New York where they destroy it and terraform it.