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2.09 Painted from Memory

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Nolan tries to help Kenya remember but she can only remember the last three weeks and random things from her past. Pottinger runs to Doc Yewll when he finds out that Kenya is alive and tells Yewll that she has to die so she will not remember. Instead, Yewll tries a chemical lobotomy but fails to complete it when Kenya runs away. In the meantime, Stahma tries to understand how Kenya can be alive and along with Datak, they dig out Kenya's body to ensure that she did kill her a year ago. Kenya finds out that something is not right and when she remembers Yewll being at the laboratory she goes to her asking for the truth. Yewll tells her that she is an Indogene and she has about three months to live. Pottinger arrives and tells her that everything was his plan to manage to be with Amanda. He tries to kill her but Kenya escapes. Nolan tells Amanda that the woman who is in Defiance is not Kenya but Amanda still tries to stop Kenya from leaving town with no luck. Amanda organizes a memorial for Kenya, while it is revealed that Quentin was the man who was keeping Kenya captive.