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1.03 The Devil In the Dark

1,130 images, 1920x1080

Two humans are attacked and killed by Hellbugs; Nolan, Irisa, and Yewll discover that they were actually murdered by an Irathient whose parents were murdered by the victims many years earlier in order to steal their land for mining. One of the Irathient Riders, Sukar, learns that Irisa has "The Sight" (an extrasensory ability to see the past, present and future without actually being present for the events seen) and helps her to tap into its potential to discover the murderer, another Spirit Rider named Rynn. Nolan, Irisa, Deputy LaSalle, and Sukar follow her into the hellbug nest, capture her, and destroy the nest. McCawley deeds the stolen land back to the Irathient Spirit Riders.